Jason Novak

After Collage at the University of Utah Theatre department I received a scholarship to
attend The Folger Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC. As an intern Jason performed
in 9 of the plays during his first season, garnering an award for most promising intern.
I stayed on to teach high school students Shakespeare movement in the Folger’s summer program.
He was asked back to participate in the following season, performing participating in 7 plays that season.
A few highlights within these casts where working with Thomas Holtz (Mozart, in the movie Amadeus)
as Hamlet. Richard Thomas (John Boy, from The Waltons) as Richard the Second, and Jean Stapleton
(Edith, from Archie Bunkers place) as the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.

Richard II directed by:  – Michael Kahn
Julius Caesar   – Joe Dowling
Mother Courage   – Michael Kahn
Romeo and Juliet   – Daniel Fish
Hamlet   – Michael Kahn
Troilus and Cressida   – Bill Alexander
Romeo and Juliet   – Barry Kyle