A Book of Fairy-Tale Bears
collection by Clifton Johnson

Chapter 01, The Three Bears read by AmyMc (time 00:06:18)


Chapter 02,  The Bear and the Skrattel read by AmyMc (time 00:15:16)


Chapter 03, Snow-White and Rose-Red and the Big Black Bear read by Devorah Allen (time 00:13:05)


Chapter 04, The Bears and the Magician read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:07:41)


Chapter 05, Grandsire Bear and Reynard the Fox  (time 00:02:54)


Chapter 06, The Young Hunters and the Bears read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:14:07)


Chapter 07, The Bear and the Wrens read by Patrick79 (time 00:06:16)


Chapter 08, The Bear and the Two Huntsmen read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:03:41)


Chapter 09, Bruin Outwitted read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:02:39)


Chapter 10, The Bear’s Bad Bargain read by Scotty Smith (time 00:07:38)


Chapter 11, The Bear in the Forest Pitfall read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:06:07)


Chapter 12, A Bear Story read by Scotty Smith (time 00:00:57)


Chapter 13, The Bear Who Was an Enchanted King read by BettyB (time 00:15:23)


Chapter 14, The Bear and the Little Old Woman read by SpiderScientist (time 00:03:34)


Chapter 15, How Bruin Tried to Bring Reynard to Court read by Lynda Marie Neilson (time 00:10:17)


Chapter 16, The Bees and the Bears read by April6090 (time 00:04:10)


Chapter 17, Bruin’s Ride read by Patrick Saville (time 00:05:00)


Chapter 18, The Bear and the Taylor read by BettyB (time 00:07:43)



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