Faery Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Chapter 01, The Mermaid read by Michael S Milne (time 00:59:28)


Chapter 02,  Hans Clodhopper read by Nemo (time 00:08:39)


Chapter 03, The Flying Trunk read by Kathi Reynolds (time 011:46)


Chapter 04, The Rose Elf read by Sara Sounds (time 00:14:23)


Chapter 05, The Wild Swans read by Brianna Theresa (time 00:44:13)


Chapter 06, The Elf-Hill read by Barbara Anne Scott (time 00:18:41)


Chapter 07, The Real Princess read by Michelle Grebe (time 00:03:06)


Chapter 08, A Picture From The Ramparts read by Cal a Taylor (time 00:02:28)


Chapter 09, The Red Shoes read by Jessica Allen (time 00:12:45)


Chapter 10, Thumbelisa read by Sara Sounds (time 00:29:11)


Chapter 11, The Goblin and the Huckster read by Scotty Smith (time 00:09:23)


Chapter 12, The Bottleneck read by SkylerC (time 00:25:02)


Chapter 13, The Steadfast Tin Soldier read by BettyB (time 00:10:01)


Chapter 14, The Angel read by Kanzakisol (time 00:05:44)


Chapter 15, The Butterfly read by Nemo (time 00:06:54)


Chapter 16, Psyche read by April6090 (time 00:29:19)


Chapter 17, The Snail and the Rose-Bush read by (time 00:06:01)


Chapter 18, The Girl Who Trod On the Loaf read by Cal Taylor (time 00:18:16)


Chapter 19, The Nightingale read by Scotty Smith (time 00:23:28)


Chapter 20, The Storks  read by Amelia Chesley (time 00:09:57)


Chapter 21, The Little Match Girl read by Cal Taylor (time 00:05:47)


Chapter 22, Great Claus and Little Claus read by Cal Taylor (time 00:23:35)


Chapter 23, The Garden of Paradise read by April6090 (time 00:29:25)


Chapter 24, Little Tuk read by PatsyAnn (time 00:09:33)


Chapter 25, The Snow Queen part 1 read by Patrick Saville (time 00:29:06)


Chapter 26, The Snow Queen part 2 read by Patrick Saville (time 00:39:19)


Chapter 27, A Rose From Homer’s Grave read by Kanzakisol (time 00:03:16)


Chapter 28, The Emperor’s New Clothes read by James Pyle (time 00:09:53)


Chapter 29, The Naughty Boy read by James Pyle (time 00:04:52)


Chapter 30, Holger the Dane read by Patrick Saville (time 00:09:19)


Chapter 31, What The Moon Saw part 1 read by Eva Swan Nemo (time 00:48:18)


Chapter 32, What The Moon Saw part 2 read by Eva Swan Nemo (time 00:44:04)


Chapter 33, The Tinder Box read by Rachel Lundstrom (time 00:17:44)


Chapter 34, The Story of a Mother read by Rachel Lundstrom (time 00:29:19)


Chapter 35, The Marsh King’s Daughter part 1 read by Michael Fassio (time 00:34:43)


Chapter 36, The Marsh King’s Daughter part 2 read by Michael Fassio (time 00:48:34)


Chapter 37, The Goloshes of Fortune read by MistaTim (time 01:06:49)


Chapter 38, The Bronze Boar read by RogerMathewson (time 00:27:26)


Chapter 39, The Bell read by BettyB (time 00:11:38)


Chapter 40, Ole Lukøje the Dustman read by MistaTim (time 00:29:46)


Chapter 41, The Swineherd read by Michelle Furlong (time 00:10:34)


Chapter 42, The Travelling Companions read by AkMantis (time 00:38:47)


Chapter 43, The Wind’s Tale  read by Evan Smith (time 00:26:33)


Chapter 44, The Ugly Duckling read by Michelle Grebe (time 00:25:36)



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