Grimms’ Fairy Tales by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

Chapter 01, The Golden Bird read by Chris Vee (time 00:15:50)


Chapter 02,  Hans in Luck read by Steve Andersen (time 00:16:29)


Chapter 03, Jorinda and Jorindel read by Randy Phillips (time 00:07:19)


Chapter 04, The Traveling Musicians read by Kara Shallenberg (time 00:08:46)


Chapter 05, Old Sultan read by billyuno (time 00:05:00)


Chapter 06, The Straw, The Bean, and The Coal read by wedschild (time 00:02:51)


Chapter 07, Brier Rose read by R. Francis Smith (time 00:08:30)


Chapter 08, The Dog and The Sparrow read by Betsie Bush (time 00:07:56)


Chapter 09, The Twelve Dancing Princesses read by Barbara Harvey (time 00:09:51)


Chapter 10, The Fisherman and His Wife read by Steve Andersen(time 00:14:57)


Chapter 11, The Willow-Wren and the Bear read by vlooi (time 00:07:36)


Chapter 12, The Frog-Prince read by Kara Shallenberg (time 00:07:24)


Chapter 13, The Cat and Mouse In Partnership read by Scott Splavec (time 00:05:27)


Chapter 14, The Goose Girl read by Kara Shallenberg (time 00:13:58)


Chapter 15, The Adventures of Chanticleer and Parlet read by Chris Vee (time 00:12:13)


Chapter 16, Rapunzel read Sherry Crowther (time 00:08:48)


Chapter 17, Fundevogel read by Scott Splavec (time 00:05:13)


Chapter 18, The Valiant Little Tailor read by Mark Bradford (time 00:18:00)


Chapter 19, Hansel and Gretel read by Bill Stackpole (time 00:19:33)


Chapter 20, The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage read by Kara Shallenberg (time 00:04:31)


Chapter 21, Mother Holle read by Gesine (time 00:09:09)


Chapter 22, Little Red-Cap read by R. Francis Smith (time 00:07:46)


Chapter 23, The Robber Bridegroom read by Gesine (time 00:11:11)


Chapter 24, Tom Thumb read by Chris Vee (time 00:16:08)


Chapter 25, Rumpelstiltskin read by Paula Berinstein (time 00:07:45)


Chapter 26, Clever Gretel read by Betsie Bush (time 00:05:52)


Chapter 27, The Old Man and His Grandson read by Dave (time 00:01:40)


Chapter 28, The Little Peasant read by Scott Splavec (time 00:10:50)


Chapter 29, Frederick and Catherine read by Sam Lipten (time 00:09:45)


Chapter 30, Sweetheart Roland read by Gesine (time 00:11:01)


Chapter 31, Snowdrop read by Gesine (time 00:16:40)


Chapter 32, The Pink read by Chip (time 00:11:25)


Chapter 33, Clever Elsie read by Chris Goringe (time 00:07:58)


Chapter 34, The Miser in the Bush read by Philip Kolterman (time 00:07:49)


Chapter 35, Ashputtel read by Quentin (time 00:14:02)


Chapter 36, The White Snake read by Quentin (time 00:08:54)


Chapter 37, The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids read by Kara Shallenberg (time 00:07:20)


Chapter 38, The Queen Bee read by jskinner (time 00:04:50)


Chapter 39, The Elves and the Shoemaker read by Sean Randall (time 00:04:45)


Chapter 40, The Juniper Tree read by Brad Bush (time 00:17:16)


Chapter 41, The Turnip read by Philip Kolterman (time 00:07:34)


Chapter 42, Clever Hans read by Quentin (time 00:06:34)


Chapter 43, The Three Languages  read by Jon Ingram (time 00:06:23)


Chapter 44, The Fox and The Cat read by Osmia (time 00:02:32)


Chapter 45, The Four Clever Brothers read by Kristen McQuillin (time 00:08:14)


Chapter 46, Lily and The Lion read by Marlo Dianne (time 00:14:07)


Chapter 47, The Fox and the Horse read by Philip Kolterman (time 00:03:27)


Chapter 48, The Blue Light read by Peter Yearsley (time 00:10:59)


Chapter 49, The Raven read by Denny Sayers (time 00:20:14)


Chapter 50, The Golden Goose read by Sherry Crowther (time 00:10:11)


Chapter 51, The Water of Life read by Jon Ingram (time 00:18:09)


Chapter 52, The Twelve Huntsmen read by Peter Yearsley (time 00:07:12)


Chapter 53, The King of the Golden Mountain read by Martin Clifton (time 00:13:17)


Chapter 54, Doctor Knowall read by Kristen McQuillin (time 00:04:18)


Chapter 55, The Seven Ravens read by Denny Sayers (time 00:07:14)


Chapter 56, The Wedding of Mrs Fox read billyuno (time 00:04:56)


Chapter 57, The Salad read by Chris Vee (time 00:14:39)


Chapter 58, The Story of The Youth read by Kristen McQuillin (time 00:19:40)


Chapter 59, King Grisly-Beard read by Chris Vee (time 00:11:16)


Chapter 60, Iron Hans read by Chris Goringe (time 00:16:27)


Chapter 61, Cat-skin read by Betsie Bush (time 00:12:08)


Chapter 62, Snow White and Rose Red read by Steve Andersen (time 00:16:22)


Chapter 63, Appendix – About the Brothers Grimm read by Steve Andersen (time 00:02:09)



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