Mealtime Musicals


From Mealtime Musicals (Allie Munro and Aaron Dart) We started making mini musicals during the London lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Filmed by Tom Munro, the videos have been created to keep spirits alive and spread positivity, whilst keeping us occupied at the same time! All props and costume are sourced from our little flat, from previous shows and events we’ve been in or just our normal wardrobe re-invented. Allie’s face paints have come in very handy and Tom has got very into set dressing. You can find all our mad Mealtime Musicals here:

Allie Munro ( @allie_mun ) and Aaron Dart ( @aarondart94 ) are both actors but are currently unemployed as the shows they were involved in from March to August have all been cancelled.

If you like any of these videos and would like to donate to Allie & Aaron, who created them, please follow this link: All money collected will allow us to keep creating new content, ensure we can carry on our careers during this unpredictable time and help us save for our upcoming wedding.


Selections from Mealtime Musicals
(Please keep visiting as we grow our list of selections.)


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   You Can’t Stop The Reheat   

   Feed the Bards   

   The Grease British Bake Off

   Mezze! The Spoon Where It Happens

   The Cookbook of Mormon 

   Pies and Rolls 

   Bon Abba-tit 

   Blood Broth-ers 

   Only Foods and Courses 

   Munching Kin 

   Mezze! The Fryin’ King 

   Mezze! Dough; A Beer; A Pint of Beer 

   Food Glorious Food! 

   Wickedly Tasty 

   Mezze! The Greatest Roast, Man! 

   Pie School Musical 

   The Jungle Recipe Book 


   Deep Pannie 

   Les Mezze-rables! 


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