Read this review by Jeanne’ McCartin (NH reviewer) who saw this cast in the very successful production at the Players Ring in NH this past October.

The Review by Jeanne’ McCartin.

Getting right to the point here – What a hell of a cast!

Outside Mullingar‘s is a dream collection. Everyone is right where they should be and each delivers one of the best performances of their careers – on opening night – after a very unfortunate tech week! It’s the magic of theater. So, Mullingar is one of those quirky Irish tales (by John Patrick Shanley) that has a good dose of angst (’cause Irish), and lots of robust humor (again, Irish), overall, a wonderful, offbeat comedy.

Carol Davenport as Aoife Muldoon and Constance Witman as Rosemary Muldoon (Photo by Ben Bagley)

The Reilly and Muldoon families have lived on adjacent farms for decades. Today only two members of each family remain; Father Tony (Phil Adams) and adult son Anthony Reilly (Don Goettle), and Aoife (Carol Davenport) and adult daughter Rosemary Muldoon (Constance Witman); all strong personalities, but for the more reserved and gentler Anthony.

The two families have gathered at the Reilly’s after attending Aoife’s husband’s funeral.

In fairly short order the parents start exchanging some strong words with one another regarding a long-standing issue between them that affects a newly developing one.

To escape, Anthony heads outside in the rain to find Rosemary, who’s having a smoke. Soon they have their own tug of words, which has roots in an incident that occurred between them when only 6 and 10.

Phil Adams as Tony Reilly and Donald Goettler as Anthony Reilly (Photo by Ben Bagley)

As for the tale – maybe it evolves as you expect it will, and maybe not. Then again, maybe it’s a bit of both. The delight is watching it unfold, and perhaps being caught by something unexpected, while observing this incredible quartet delivering great theater.

The cast is an ensemble, but the adult children are the focus.

Davenport brings her well-honed skills from decades on the stage to Aoife and proves herself a formidable actress once again. It’s a perfect performance. Adams, as Tony, delivers his best performance to date on the seacoast stage. He is an oddball and rather unlikable character; a frustrating one. Adams nails it, even his physical and facial gestures are irritating and thoroughly believable.

Now the “kids.”

Donald Goettler as Anthony Reilly and Constance Witman as Rosemary Muldoon (Photo by Ben Bagley)

Goettler has the sole quiet character in a sea of strong, and bold ones. His Anthony is even, tender and so beautifully nuanced the role demands your attention. It’s hard to believe this sweet man is portrayed by the same actor who brought us the explosive, cruel Uday Hussein in “Bengal Tiger” some years ago. This is a deeply touching performance that brings a beautiful weight to a gentle soul. Then there’s Witman. Well. Incredible. Rosemary is the oddest, most intense, and strong role of the lot, and Witman owns it. Hard to imagine anyone putting a more definitive stamp on this character. This is a powerful portrayal that will linger large and long in your memory.

Constance Witman as Rosemary Muldoon (Photo by Ben Bagley)

The consistency of the four, finely nuanced performances attests to the talent on stage, but also to the direction by Matthew Parent. He’s also the person wise enough to put this collection together. In addition, his staging is strong.

The smart, quick transitions must be credited to a blessed partnership between Parent and designer Don Goettler. It’s a killer, efficient, set design.

 Outside Mullingar is a pure delight, a marvelous, rewarding time at the theater. Don’t miss this one!

(The play is 90 minutes long, with no intermission.)