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The first of two weekends of TASN Radio Programming starts the end of this month! You will be able to tune into them on the TASN website. They will be aired on the designated dates over the course of two weeks, and will include powerful dramas, terrific comedy and a vintage radio remake.


Where: Link from the TASN website
    You will be sent a link to a TASN website page where the radio programs can be heard on the designated dates

Admission: Free – although donations are welcome.


Plays Schedule:


January 29 – 31


Written by Jack Rushton
Directed by Adrian Witzke and Laura Sauriat

An estranged couple meet again – in a hospital room. One needs the truth, before it’s too late.

Actors:  Adrian Witzke and Laura Sauriat


Written by Eric Coble
Directed and Produced by Sanford Farrier

Who knew Joe Pesci was a made man in Greek mythology?

Actors: Sherry Bonder, Sanford Farrier, Mike Coppinger, Joe Dominguez, Allan Haley, Rebecca Kane, David Koret, Shannon Muhs and Steven Sacks


Written by and sound design by Michael Kimball.
Directed by Bari Newport

First produced by Penobscot Theatre Company in October 2020.

There’s a legend in the dark hills of western Maine where a lumber town once prospered, until the 1930s Depression turned the settlement into a ghost town. These days the old railroad bed is used by cyclists and four-wheelers, skiers and snowmobilers, but the abandoned stone bridge that watches over them isn’t always abandoned. This is the legend of The Bridge Girl.

Read by Bari Newport


Written by Susan Glaspell
Direction and Audio Adaptation: Leslie Pasternack

Trifles was first performed in 1916 by the Provincetown Players and remains a near-perfect example of dramatic plotting and character development. Although Susan Glaspell’s work has been overshadowed by her colleague Eugene O’Neill, she was a prolific writer of fiction and essays as well as drama, and she received the 1930 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for her play, Alison’s House.

A play about men, women, murder and small things – that are not.

Actors: Pamela Battin-Sacks, Carol Raiche, Steven Sacks, James Grillo, Scott Sullivan


This edition has already passed.  Please join us for future editions.


February 5-7


Written by Dewan and Claire Demmer
Direction and Sound Design by Sanford Farrier

Find out what a gerbil, a double-decker bus, and a guardian angel have in common. And, yes, it is a comedy

Actors: Steven Sacks, Shannon Muhs, David Koret, Allan Haley


Written by Kate Katcher
Directed by Joe Dominguez

Two people meet on a commuter train and things clearly do not start off well. The time is the near present; the place is outside of New York City. A lot can happen between train stops.

Actors: Pamela Battin-Sacks and Michael Kimball


Written by Lisa Deily
Directed by Pauline Wright

Two sisters find common ground in their mother’s ashes.

Actors: Mariantonia Boulay and Carol Raiche


Written by Jeff Carter
Directed by Pauline Wright

Change comes to a long-married couple. Then what? (This is not a comedy.)

Actors: Carol Raiche and Allan Haley


Based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett
Directed by Sherry Bonder

Detective Sam Spade gets more than he bargained for when he takes a case brought to him by a beautiful but secretive woman. Trouble follows as Sam’s partner is murdered and Sam is accosted by a man demanding he locate a valuable statuette. Sam, entangled in a dangerous web of crime and intrigue, soon realizes he must find the one thing they all seem to want: the bejeweled Maltese Falcon.

Actors: Mike Coppinger, Sherry Bonder, Cristhian Mancinas Garcia, John Budzyna, Sandy Farrier and Kim Holliday


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