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The first of two weekends of TASN Radio Programming starts the end of this month! You will be able to tune into them on the TASN website. They will be aired on the designated dates over the course of two weeks, and will include powerful dramas, terrific comedy and a vintage radio remake.


Where: Link from the TASN website
    You will be sent a link to a TASN website page where the radio programs can be heard on the designated dates

Admission: Free – although donations are welcome.


Plays include:

January 29 – 31

Occupied Countries – An estranged couple meet again – in a hospital room. One needs the truth, before it’s too late.

Prometheus the Godfather – Who knew Joe Pesci was a made man in Greek Mythology?

The Bridge Girl – (Brief description to come from Mike Kimball)

Trifles – A play about men, women, murder and small things – that are not.

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February 5-7

Death of a Gerbil – You’ll find out what a gerbil, a double-decker bus and a guardian angel have in common.

Scarsdale – Two people meet on a commuter rail. Find out what happens between White Plains and Scarsdale.

Scattered – Two sisters find common ground in their mother’s ashes.

Tea in Miami – Long-married couples can change. Then what?

The Maltese Falcon – Yes, that Maltese Falcon!

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